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Flu epidemic - tips of convent

With beginning of autmun the flu epidemic is starting again. But THIS autumn the flu should not catch you with the help of your convent tips. 

Autumn time is flu epidemic time. Cough, sore throat, cold, fever - everyone knows them, the crummy symptoms of a flu epidemic.


Although the first indications of flu epidemic, one often thinks the flue does not separates. But even with the little symptoms, you should go to a doctor so that the flu epidemic will be processed correctly directly of the beginning. Then the probability that the convent Team will get the flu epidemic as well will be low.


In our office we protect us from the flu epidemic. This we do by considering the following tips:

  1. always washing your hands
  2. Keep healthy by doing sports with our Hansefit © offer
  3. Take a walk outside 
  4. Wear clothes suitable to the cold outside 
  5. Correct feeding 
  6. Drinking more tea than coffee
  7. Pay attention to others while sneezing
  8. Avoid handshaking


ATTENTION! When should you go to the doctor?


Please hear of the warning signals of your body and go to the doctor early on time. If the symptoms of your flu epidemic will not get better after two weeks and it is getting worser, you should go to the doctor immediately. 

Would you like to explore more about our health tips? Take a look at our presentation, how you protect yourself of not getting the flu epidemic this autumn/ winter: XXXX die Präsi wenn sie fertig ist!


At the end of the article a question for estimation

How far can fly the virus while sneezing?

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